Van sugar-free gum with mint flavor

Good for tooth hygiene

About Van sugar-free gums

After many years of experience in producing natural mastic gum, the company managers were determined to revolutionize the production process and packaging. To do so, they decided to produce natural dragee gums, a new product with the same natural material, but a different shape and packaging.

Van is a sugar-free gum and is therefore effective in preserving oral hygiene. The safety of our product is approved by ISO and HACCP.

Van sugar-free gum contains Xylitol and as opposed to other common gums has a more palatable taste, better texture, and standard packaging. It has also been proven that it helps one have healthy teeth and reduces the plaque.

All the sweet taste of the gum comes from xylitol, a natural sweetener which is of no harm to our body and the nature. Its use has also been approved by British Dental Association.

Effective in maintaining tooth hygiene

In Van sugar-free gum no sugar or synthetic sweetener except xylitol is used.

To maximize the benefits of xylitol it is recommended to be used in regular intervals. The dentists suggest at least a five-gram intake which is supplied by chewing five blisters. The blisters are recommended to be taken in between or after meals when the teeth enamel is highly at risk of being exposed to acidity.

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In two beautiful Packaging

Our dragee sugar-free gums come in blister and cardboard packages.

  • Cardboard package

– Each carton contains 180 cardboard package

– Each cardboard package contains 15 pieces

  • Blister package

– Each carton contains 180 blisters

– Each blister contains 6 sticks

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