Fruit leather is one of the most popular refreshments in Iran which is produced in large quantities thanks to the high demand. Unfortunately, hand-made unsanitary fruit leathers, produced in basements and among rural and urban households, put people’s lives and especially the kinds in danger. Rancid materials, carpet dye, other artificial colors, and acids are widely used in homemade fruit leathers. As these places are hard to locate, there is no proper supervision by health officials and standard organization. But our fruit leathers are made by fresh season fruits and no dried or windfall fruit is used. Fresh fruits are pureed and then refrigerated to be used in the coming seasons. Our factory is regularly inspected by Food and Drug Association and Standard Organization authorities. Van natural fruit leathers are produced and packaged with cherry, plum, pomegranates, strawberries, apricots, apples, and 7 fruit flavors.

  • Made from fresh pureed fruit with natural flavor

  • Without synthetic additives or preservatives; sugar-free

  • No windfall, rancid, dried fruits or dates

  • Preserving all the nutrients by observing all the standards during evaporation

  • Utilizing cooling tunnels instead of drying stove

  • Not being exposed to open air contaminators

  • Mechanical packaging and sizing

Fruit leather and kids

Children are the main consumers of fruit leathers; therefore, ensuring their safety is prime significance. Unfortunately, most of the fruit leathers found on the counters of supermarkets are made from windfalls and overripe fruits. Some of them don’t have food hygiene certificate and make their flavor palatable by adding cheap but harmful chemical materials.

Fruit leathers and synthetic and chemical materials

No preservatives, flavors, chemical colors, sugar, dry or spoiled fruits are used in our products.

They are made available to the public only after they are tested for the presence of microbes and bacteria.

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