• Natural chewing gum

  • Natural chewing gum

  • Natural chewing gum

Van natural chewing gum produced from trunk exudates of “Pistacia a.kurdica tree” has long been used by physicians, Avicenna included, to treat some digestive diseases. The resin has natural antibacterial properties, and based on traditional medicine, it has been effecting in treating some ulcers and injuries.

Among other privileges, this product also enjoys:

  • Medical properties which are helpful for digestive system
  • Effective in healing peptic ulcers
  • Killing off helicobacter pylori bacteria, the leading cause of peptic ulcers due to presence of alpha-pinen
  • Helping fight bad breath and keeping the gum healthy

Further information

Legally, even in advance countries, such as America, the well-known brands in producing gum have the right to keep 80 percent of the components as secret as gum base composition is considered as propriety information.

Notwithstanding this, even international brands which claim to use natural materials use chemicals as their gum base. Is it legal?

Chemicals and synthetic substitutes are used in the production of gums which are mostly found in the counters of supermarkets. Synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame, BHT, and rubber are used in producing car tires, plastic bottles, and liquid glues.

Research on rats has indicated that even a low dosage of aspartame synthetic sweeteners increases the chances of leukemia, breast cancers, and lymphatic cancer.

But our approach is different.

Thanks to the availability of one of the scarce and invaluable natural sources, Van tree, there is no need to use such chemicals.

In our company, exudates of Van tree is used to produce natural chewing gum.

Van natural chewing gum based on an innovative formulation

For the first time in Iran

Natural antibacterial

Traditionally, Van resin has been known to be effective in healing wounds and injuries, and has been proven to have antibacterial properties

Compatible with digestive system

Van resin has been prescribed by famous physicians such as Avicenna to cure digestive disorders. Its positive effects on peptic ulcers have also been proven. Due to the presence of alpha-pinene in the resin, it kills off helicobacter pylori bacteria, the leading cause of peptic ulcers

Helping fight bad breath and keeping the gum healthy

Beneficial to the health of the mouth and teeth and strengthens the gums.

In addition, freshen ups  your mouth.

100 percent natural materials

In our gum base, the only material used is Van resin and no other chemical or synthetic additive is used.

The advantages of chewing gum:

  • Activating the brain cortex and improving brain data processing. Evidence on the effect of chewing gum on improving vigility and intelligence can be found in Brain and Cognition Journal.

  • Improving learning and short and long term memory

  • Stimulating saliva secretion and digestion only for ten minutes after each meal.

  • Relieving dry mouth and ensuring pleasant breath

  • Preventing acid reflux and heartburn while walking

  • Rehabilitating facial muscles

  • Reducing calorie intake up to 68 kilo calories after lunch

  • Changing taste, managing hunger, and reducing weight

  • Secreting saliva and thereby reducing the bacteria causing tooth decay

  • Helping patients recover after intestine surgery. Chewing gum can facilitate the normal function of intestine. For more information refer to a paper published in Surgery Archive Journal in which 158 cases took part in 5 tests to make sure of the effects of chewing gum.

  • Relieving stress. Studies suggest that chewing gum can help one concentrate while experiencing distress. Try to avoid clicking noises while chewing gum

  • Chewing mint gums cools off your breath, makes you feel energetic, and extensively relieves anxiety

  • Most chewing gums contain latex and synthetic polymers such as polyethylene, but our gums are 100 per cent natural, produced from mastic resin and lack any chemical flavors, additives, or colors.

The newest Van product, natural dragee gum, sugar free, contains Xylitol

For the first time in Iran, natural gluten-free sugar with a world standard in beautiful packaging

  • Xylitol
  • With mint flavor
  • Without the use of synthetic and chemical additives
  • No Sugar

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