Our story

Built in a 5500 square meter building, Saghez Sazi Kurdistan (Van) Co. was established in 1990. In 1994, the company introduced the natural chewing gum to the international markets with an innovative mastic resin formulation. The company is one of the renowned exporters and has been frequently chosen as top exporter.

Presently, after a few decades of experience and flourishing in exporting our products, we are much obliged to present our products to our own fellow countrymen.

Our achievements

The drive to be present in international markets made the company to promote its products with stronger faith and has made it take giant leaps. To do so, the company production line was mechanized in 2001 with the state of the art machinery from Germany and France. The designer, of course, was one of the company shareholders who was chosen as top worker that very year. Thanks to this new hi-tech machinery, production waste was minimized. In 2001, fruit leather production line was inaugurated to produce high quality and hygienic products from fresh season fruits to be marketed nationally and internationally. Before long, the company managed to get Standard Organization certificate because of both its high quality puree and specialized refrigerators for keeping the puree fresh. The Research and Development unit, one of our most active departments, is presently trying to produce a sugar-free dragee to be introduced to international markets in close future.

Since its establishment, the company has had a lot of accomplishments, including:

  • Top ISO production unit, 2000
  • Top national exporter, 2000
  • Obtaining Quality Management Certificate (ISO9001), 1994
  • Top National exporter, 1999
  • National Green Facility by National Environment Organization, 2003
  • Winning 21th century Best Quality Award, Mexico, 2001
  • Golden Phoenix Quality Award by BID institute, Spain, 2002
  • Exporting gum and fruit leather to four continents
  • Participating in more than 40 international fairs
  • The only Iranian company participating in Olympia Organic Food Products Fair, London, 2005
  • Top production unit in Foodex Fair, Japan (JETRO)
  • Winning two Green Economy Crystal trophies
  • Top National entrepreneur, 2003
  • Top provincial entrepreneur
  • Constructing 47 building units for the staff with their own partnership
  • Establishing a consumer goods cooperative company to provide the consumer good for the staff with reasonable prices
  • Being visited by the Japanese ambassador after signing an agreement with Japan
  • Managing to plant and fertilize mastic tree, a wilding tree, after an eight year research project which in turn can help boom the local and national economy, if  supported by local authorities
Presently, the company has 75 employees at its disposal and exports over 80 percent of its products to Germany, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Netherland, Sweden, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Iraq, Malaysia, Algeria, Lebanon, and many other countries.