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Van Natural Chewing Gum

Produced from trunk exudate of “ Pistacia atlantica kurdica “ tree which is called in Kurdistan “ Van “ tree.

Van natural chewing gum ( Kurdica Gum) is a resin obtained from the “ Pistacia atlantica kurdica “ tree and has long been prescribed by renown physicians such as Avicenna as a medicine for digestive problems. Kurdica gum has natural antibacterial properties and in traditional medicine has been used to heal wounds and injuries.

While maintaining a significant part of its therapeutic properties, the managers and experts of “Saghez Sazi Kurdistan (Van) Co.” try to produce the gum as intact as possible. Among other privileges, this product also enjoys:

  • Medical properties which are helpful for digestive system
  • Effective in healing peptic ulcers
  • Killing off helicobacter pylori bacteria, the leading cause of peptic ulcers due to presence of alpha-pinen
  • Helping fight bad breath and keeping the gum healthy

Fruit Leathers in 7 Flavors

Quite natural and without any artificial additives

Van fruit leathers are produced from fresh season fruits, and no windfalls or rancid fruit are used in the process. The fresh fruits are pureed in the factory and kept frozen to be used in the coming season. The facilities are regularly inspected by Food and Drug Association and Standard Administration inspectors.

Van natural fruit leathers come in different flavors and packing, including black cherry, plums, pomegranates, strawberries, apricots, apple, and mixed fruits.

Van Natural Dragee Gum

After many years of experience in producing natural chewing gum, the company managers were determined to revolutionize the production process and packaging. To do so, they decided to produce dragee chewing gums, a new product with the same natural material, but a different shape and packaging.
This product is a sugar-free gum and is therefore effective in preserving oral hygiene. The safety of our product is approved by ISO and HACCP.
Van sugar-free gum contains xylitol and as opposed to other common gums has a more palatable taste, better texture, and standard packaging. It has also been proven that it helps one have healthy teeth and reduces the plaque.
All the sweet taste of the gum comes from xylitol, a natural sweetener which is of no harm to our body and the nature. Its use has also been approved by British Dental Association.

Turpentine (Alpha-pinen)

Turpentine or alpha-pinene is a by-product of natural chewing gum obtained from exudates of Van tree. It has different applications in cosmetic, hygienic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Export to 4 continents

Our Story

Built in a 5500 square meter building, Saghez Sazi Kurdistan (Van) Co. was established in 1990. In 1994, the company introduced the natural chewing gum to the international markets with an innovative mastic resin formulation. The company is one of the renowned exporters and has been frequently chosen as top exporter.

Presently, after a few decades of experience and flourishing in exporting our products, we are much obliged to present our products to our own fellow countrymen.

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