Why do we need Xylitol?

For teeth hygiene, only brushing is not enough. Most injuries to the teeth occur during the day and after eating and drinking.
Regular use of xylitol-containing gum can reduce teeth damage and prevent many of their problems.

What is the function of Xylitol?

The cause of dental caries is the harmful bacteria that are present in the mouth.
When you eat sugary foods and sugary foods, you provide the energy needed to quickly replenish these bacteria.
This increase in bacteria leads to the production of acid in the mouth and the dissolution of the surface of the enamel,resulting in decay and decay.

But the natural sweetener, Xylitol, does the opposite. Xylitol reduces the number of these bacteria to 90%, thus preventing the harmful effects of acid on the teeth.

The second effect of xyllitol is to reduce the strength and strength of bacteria in sticking to the teeth and, as a result, easier to remove the mass on the tooth.

But sugar-free  gum does not hurt anyone with diabetes due to lack of sugar and sweeteners.

How to take advantage of Xylitol?

It’s better to take regular use of xylitol for best benefits. The proposal of dentists in this regard, consumes at least 5 grams per day. This amount of xylitol is supplied by taking 5 pips of Sugar Free Gum.
Ideal is to eat these 5 pieces after meals and snacks, when there is a risk of acid attack on the enamel.

Xylitol is good for who?

Xylitol is a good help for anyone who wants to take care of yheir teeth well. Van Sugar Free Gum is good for you if:

  • You have carious teeth
  • If your diet contains sugary foods and sweet snacks.
  • If you suffer from dry mouth.